Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Author's Note

I'm always happy when I hear from my readers who tell me how excited they are for this story to begin.

And I am going to write it... eventually. I created the blog to show my commitment to the readers who asked that, yes, I would write it, but right now, I'm focusing all my writing time on the story I've got going: Immediate Danger. It's my baby, my favorite thing I've ever written, and I've come to the sad conclusion that it'll probably be the best thing I'll ever write. It uses up all my time because the characters and emotions are complex and involved, which is why it's taking me so long to write. ID will continue to take up all my time until I've written the period of the very last sentence, however long that may take.

So I'm not going to put a timeline when this one will start, but I just don't know. If you're a Crosby fan just waiting for another Crosby story to read, I understand because we all have our favorite players. But please be patient. And please appreciate the fact that I'm not just a hockey fan, but a writer trying to expand my repertoire and abilities. There's nothing more discouraging than to hear people say that they can't wait for something *else* to read.

I'm excited to know you're excited. I am, too. But leave those comments, thoughts, and suggestions in an appropriate place, like here. If you want, let me know the unanswered questions you have so I can get an idea of what you want to read or expect to see happen. I'll meet you guys over here soon... just not yet.


  1. There's nothing more discouraging than to hear people say that they can't wait for something *else* to read.

    A-fuckin'-men chica. I love ID so much and as much as I loved NWW and as much as I love your characters in this story it is an honour to have the privledge of reading anything you write and I would wait anxiously for posts about Chris Pronger if you so decided to write about him.

    When I ran into the same type of thing when I started BIGMW I was flattered that people like my story but I felt the exact same way... I am a writer and, as much as I am struggling trying to get my posts for BIGMW the way I want them which makes me post less frequently, I have fallen in love with creating new characters and looking at things in a different way, even though my story is a part of my first one.

    I love your writing, and honestly, and I mean this in the most flattering way possible, I really think as I have read through your stories your development as a writer has become glaringly apparent and your understanding of precision and description and entertaining plot lines and the things that just make all the readers swoon. I think I have told you but I have thrown "she can't top that" out the window because you seriously impress me every time I read.

    SWK will be fantastic, I am sure. And, I will be anxiously awaiting the posts when they start. But oh my GOD I love Kris and Jo and there is so much unfinished buisness in that story that I am anxious for, so keep doing your thang woman!

  2. I don't want Immediate Danger to EVER end. It is amazing. It is perfection. I doubt I'll come across another story so engrossing.

  3. I agree with the other two comments. You know how much I loved NWW and am looking forward to SWK... but not at the cost of losing Kris and Jo!

    I love everything you write, you know this, but I really hope you continue to take your time with ID... giving us all the complex levels of your characters personalities, turmoils and emotions.
    You know how much I love Kris and Jo and even though I always look forward to your new stories, don't feel like there aren't people out here who appreciated the hard work and depth that you put into ID.

    We do. We love it.
    And even though we know it can't go on forever, we wish that it could. Let the Crosby lovers go read some blogs that aren't near as good as yours, until you start this one.
    I for one am in no rush to see you move forward.

    So take your good old time with ID, because I know how sad I'll be when it's over... for me, all SWK means right now, is that I have something to look forward to once ID is done. But not before =)

  4. I didn't read NWW until you finished it. I loved that story. However I have been following ID since the beginning. Going along and reading ID while your writing it brings out a completely new set of emotions. There is so much more time to pay attention to character and plot developments. The excitement and anxiousness that I have when waiting for an update just makes for a better overall experience.

    The time you've taken in writing ID is reflected in your amazing updates. I've fallen in love with Jo and Kris's story. I hope that it continues for a long time.

    That's not to say that I am not uber excited for SWK because I am but like Zigh said it just means that I'll have something good to read after ID ends.

  5. i dont think i could ever love one more than the other. You have put focus and investment into both stories and i DEFINATLY APPRECIATE your WRITING. soo.... Thank you i cant wait for this update but ill be patient. may be if you did on chapter at a time with both that would be greatly appreciated but up to the big boss lol

  6. I love Immediate Danger so much. I love Kris Letang and I really hope you take your time writing about Kris. It's the only story about Kris and I will be very sad when it ends. But I will be super excited when you start writing your next story. I love your writing and I will read whatever you write!